Boiler Installation Day 1

Well it’s been a busy day today.First thing this morning, we had a delivery from the builders merchants, they were delivering on behalf of British gas, they had called a couple of days ago to arrange the delivery, and they were on time.

Also a couple of days ago, I got a call from British gas advising that the installation engineer would be late as he had to finish another job, so I was expecting him at about lunch time.Old Boiler - Stripped Down

Well shock…. he only turned up while the builders merchant was delivering the supplies for him, I was even more impressed when he walked into the kitchen and correctly identified the old boiler!!!!.

Any way off I went to work and left my wife to show him what needed to be done etc…

I was collected from work by my wife (I’m still on crutches after my Ice Slip) and taken to the school to watch my Daughters ballet lesson (Read The  post).

When I got home the Gas man had left for the day, he had left us post it notes all around the house informing us that we had no hot water, we had expected this so it was no real shock.

New Boiler Exactly where it should beso what has he done…

          • Begun the removal of the old boiler
          • Fitted the new boiler
          • Taken out the old hot water tank
          • Fitted a new hot water tank.

He will be back tomorrow.

Also today…. our water butt finally arrived, we can now begin to conserve water during the water shortage….


Old Hot Water TankNew Hot Water Tank


Out with the Old……In with the new……

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