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Ballet Exam

At the end of March my daughter takes her grade 1 ballet exam. Currently the panic is on wih exta ballet lessons at weekends and at school during lunch times. Because of the extra lessons, and the need to practice … Continue reading

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Teenagers Hooked on Porn

What is going on at the BBC? As you are aware if you read my personal pages, I am a father of an impressionable 8 year old daughter. like most girls her age, she still likes to watch the CBBC channel … Continue reading

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I Love WordPress

After being so far behind with my version of wordpress i was a bit worried that it could all go horribly wrong, however as i should have know, WordPress is just so good, the installation dook longer to download than … Continue reading

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Getting Behind, I'd Better Catch up!!!

It seems such a long time since my last post, actually it’s about a month. Things have been very busy for me lately, at work i am managing a very large project, that is planned to replace our core business … Continue reading

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