The next stage, send a letter of complaint

Well so far, it seems that Comet are able to do as they please and stamp all over the general public, their customers.

comet Now it seems that I can no longer talk to anyone, and all communication must be in writing, I’m sure the telephone has been around long enough for this mode of communication to be acceptable.

Anyway I have written my letter of complaint, and emailed it in, I will also post it the old fashioned way, just to make sure.

I wonder how long it will be before I get acknowledgement, their web site states with 24 hours for electronic communications.

I am now running a facebook campaign about this, so please feel free to publish your experiences with Comet on my facebook page, see the link in the right-hand sidebar.

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Comet Head Office

Oh Dear, They’re not Listening.

Well after getting no satisfaction from Emma King, the Store Manager at Comet Oxford, I decided to go to the next stage, head office Customer Services.

I spoke to an adviser called Charlotte, she seemed very nice and understanding, I explained my issues with the returned product, that fact that I felt i had been robbed of £7 by the store under their returns policy and the way that I had been treated by the staff, I have even referred to CCTV footage of the incident, but no-one seems interested.

Anyway, I also explained to Charlotte, my conversations with Emma King, who apparently has the final say if I get my £7 back or not.

Charlotte put my call on hold and then called the store to speak with Emma, I was hoping that she would have better luck than I had, as it had taken me all morning to get to speak to Emma, she is clearly a busy woman, I wonder if it is dealing with customer complaints?.

Anyway, a few minutes later Charlotte returned having successfully spoken to Emma, it seems now Emma is taking my complaint seriously regarding the way her staff treated my (and my family), but still wont give me back the £7 that Comet have stolen from me.

Apparently when Emma has dealt with her staff issue, she will call me to explain the situation.

I’ll Keep you all informed, meantime feel free to become a fan of my new facebook page (in the right hand sidebar) to try and get Comet to realise that Customers are important.

My complaint regarding the £7 is now at the stage where I have to write in to complain referring to the verbal complaints I have logged already, so even now it seems that as long as Comet are happy with my money that they have stolen (that’s £7), then i don’t matter.

Still maybe I could spread the work of my experience on some social media sites, I’m not saying it will make a big difference, but unlike me, others will be informed before parting with their money to Comet.

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The Next Day in The world of Comet

Well after getting no satisfactory answers from the store on Sunday, I though i would call the Store Manager and try to reason with her.

The Store Managers Names at Oxford is Emma King, what’s interesting here is when I asked the Sales Manager in store for his surname, he sited the Data Protection act prevented him from giving it to me, however he was happy to give me Emma’s.

Anyway, Here is the update

Monday (15/2/10) 11:37 – I Called the Store, Emma was busy so I left a message with someone called Mo, who will pass on my message to Emma.

Monday (15/2/10) 12:29 – Having still not had a call back from Emma, I called again, this time I spoke to Sean, who again advised me that Emma was busy, but he would pass on the message.

Monday (15/2/10) 12:54 – Still no call back, so once again I called and spoke to Mo, who advised that Emma Was still busy, however when Mo gave Emma my previous message, Emma was already aware of my complaint.

Monday (15/2/10) 13:18 – I received a call from Emma King at Comet Oxford. 
I explained my case again and expressed my dissatisfaction at how I had been treated, Emma Didn’t seem to concerned by this, but was rigid that she was going to stand by the company policy and not refund me the 10% re-stocking fee (this is £7, but it is the principle now).
Emma was also very keen to tell me that legally Comet don’t even have to refund anything, so I should be grateful  (that I have been robbed in broad daylight) that I was only charged the 10%.

I also tried to complain about the way her staff had treated me, but she was so interested that she forgot to ask me any questions on that part of the complaint, so I challenged her and whether she was actually taking my complaint seriously, she said she was, but i doubted that based on the evidence.

I also tried to explain that £7 was the difference between a satisfied customer and a dissatisfied customer, but Emma was Adamant that I was not going to be treated any differently from the rest of the world and I was not getting my £7 back, so I asked if the rude treatment I received from here staff was normal and what everybody got, she could not answer that!.

It seems that as long as Comet fulfil the legal requirement, Customer satisfaction does not matter.

My next post will be detailing what happens when i call the head office to complain.

Bet you cant wait!

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A Shopping Experience with Comet

What started out as a shopping trip to buy a pretty standard product, has turned out to be a stressful episode, that I’m sure is not finished yet.

iPhone 3gs The history is that after many phones and upgrades, I have eventually managed to own an Apple iPhone 3GS, which I’m sure most of you will agree is a pretty cool product with  many options available to increase its use.

This is where my episode starts, as it was my birthday in mid February, and I had decided that although the iPhone is a cools device, it is limited with its battery capacity, mainly because I can’t stop using the phone and its many apps.

A solution I found was to buy a radio alarm clock with docking / charging capability, so as to allow me to make full use of the iphone all day long right up till bedtime.

After much research I thought the best place to go was the high street, so I could actually try my phone in the display models in the shop, this proved useful as many of the  products available were still not compatible.

comet I live in an area that has a retail park with a currys Curry’s Digital and a  Comet store almost next door to each other, and both selling similar product lines, however Comet did seem cheaper.

Anyway the product i liked the look of was a Sony Alarm Clock Radio, with charge dock, it was labelled under the Sony tag of “Dream Machine”


Well,  bought this product from Comet as it was cheaper and took it home to set it up.
At first I was very pleased with it, it was typical of a Sony product, it felt good, had a good sound and at first I was very happy with it.
Then i went to bed, i had no problem find my bed as the bedroom was illuminated by the very bright backlit screen, so i though i should check and make sure it was set to the dimmest brightness, and it was!.
I had hoped that the alarm would wake me in the morning to the sound of some music on my iPhone, but this was really unnecessary as I didn’t actually get to sleep, of course I could have unplugged the clock, bet then how would it wake me up?

Back To Comet the Next Day!

So the next morning, blurry eyed and tired I went of to Comet to try and reason with them and ask for a refund on the basis that the product did not do what I expected, i.e. get a nights sleep and then wake me, rather than just keep me awake!

The man I spoke to on customer services was called Richard, he plugged the clock in and there fore it worked, so a refund was out of the question, unless I accepted a 10% restocking charge, or took a credit to use in store.
well I was not happy and asked to see the manager, to see if he would be more flexible and offer a bit more customer service?

Unfortunately I expected a bit too much, after refusing me a refund and then being rude to me, I had to give in and take the refund less 10% restocking charge, there was no way I wanted a credit to spend in their store.

Anyway the best I could get was the option to call the store manager on Monday morning, which I will do and update this post.

For some reason though the staff would not tell me their surnames, due to “Data Protection” although they were more than happy to tell me the surname of the store manager? maybe she doesn’t come under the data protection act.

When I asked “Ben” the sales manager if he had given me good customer service his reply was “I have given you what is required”, so obviously, not good then!

tesco The end result was that I was unhappy with Comet and unhappy with Sony, so I went to Tesco’s, and bought this little alarm clock radio, for £30 less than the Sony, it does everything the Sony does, and also lets me enjoy a good nights sleep.


This is the Logitech pure-fi anytime, it was £30 cheaper than the Sony, and it does the job nicely, it even allows me to get to sleep.
I will see on Monday if Comet “Richard”, “Ben” and “Emma King” have any useful to say on my refund.

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Finally a Recording!!

Well its been a long time coming, but finally I have a recording of my sax playing.

When I say a recording, the quality of the recording is not that great, the playing is far from perfect too!.

Anyway, I said I would post progress on this blog, so here it is, this is a short piece called Maryland, it’s a slow Jazz piece so you won’t suffer for long!.

Hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoy playing.

Click here to play Maryland

If anybody can give me some tips on how to produce a better quality recording I would be most grateful.

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After another check-up, F# is back!

this morning I called allegro of oxford to see if I could get an expert opinion on my missing F#.

The owner of Allegro was very good, as usual and offered to take a look at it today.
Apparently the proprietor has a colleague that carries out the repairs on a Tuesday and Thursday, so I took the opportunity and rushed home, picked up my Sax and took it in for a check-up.

After a quick look, it did seem that something was wrong, but it only became apparent when the instrument was played, when putting a light down the tube, there seemed to be no indication of leeks.

After a bit of a play, the octave key looked like it could do with a bit more play, so this was adjusted.

Then to test it myself I had a play, as soon as I did the professional ear of both these experts noticed that I was playing with a hard reed (I have been using Rico Royal 3.5), this seemed a bit hard, in fact it was referred to as a plank of wood.

So calling on over 50 years of experience I moved to the recommended reed which was a Vandoren Java 2.5 (in a red box), this gave a much better sound, it also showed that maybe the reed I was playing with was a bit hard, and this may have exaggerated the missing F# problem.

Anyway watch this space, the debut mp3 will be coming soon.

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The Trouble with F#

After the initial problem I had with the dodgy “A” key a while back it seems that I now have a similar problem with the “F#” key.

When trying to play a low “E” or “F#” (and sometime “G”) it feels like I cannot get the tone, the sound is “A bit Airy”.

At first I though maybe this is me? am I not holding the correct embouchure?

Is my reed damaged?

Well after checking these out and asking my tutor to take a look at the Sax, it seems that the problem is the Sax, not the player.

Of course as a relative beginner, this is good news to me, as at first I just thought it was me.

So it looks like another trip to Allegro in oxford, and a longer wait for that first MP3 of my progress so far.

Hopefully it will be worth the wait!

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